How To Tincture A Pitcher Plant

How To Tincture A Pitcher Plant

I first heard about the Sarracenia Purpurea Plant a year ago when a friend shared news of possible new “virals” to be released in the coming years. She had found that this plant had once been used by the Native Americans in the aid of various pox, so I ordered it with the intention to create a Tincture for our Homestead Apothecary.

I kept it on the window sill in my Kitchen since last Summer. Despite the recommendation to place it in the refrigerator to make it go dormant over Winter, I allowed it to stay in the window and it flourished! 

These plants are a version of the Venus Fly Trap. With their cone shape and tiny hair-like tentacles inside their leaves, they attract and trap flies and other insects in order to aid in their nutrients.

As odd as that sounds, I’ve really enjoyed growing these, and intend to repot it this Spring. These plants thrive in a tight environment and must be watered from the bottom up with distilled water.

(I have published a Video all about the growing and harvesting process on our YouTube Channel that you can watch HERE.) 

You can print out a free instruction card on how to create this Tincture by clicking HERE.