Elemental Space Clearing


Clearing Your Space Through Elemental Practice Will Shift the Entire Feeling Of Your Home or Office

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt your mood shift?

This is because as sentient beings, we are aware of the space around us and we can intuitively feel the vibration of the people and rooms which we encounter.

Sometimes the mood is cheerful and expansive.

Other times, the vibe carries low energy and pulls you down.

It can even cast a dim light in an otherwise bright room. And as you can imagine, this plays on our emotions whether we are aware of it or not.

Elemental Space Clearing is a centuries-old process which Native Americans originally used to move energy. It is what my teacher, Denise Linn, describes as Modern Day Alchemy.



My process is quite simple, yet incredibly effective and I work in two ways:




Virtual Clearing

You send me an outline of your space and I perform a full clearing ceremony in my studio. You will receive a space blessing and will experience a shift of energy in your atmosphere. You'll be sent a short video of my process, as well as a tarot reading. In addition, you will be sent a written report on what has been cleared out, what I intuitively see as a result of the block, and tips on maintaining it.

The tools I use during a clearing include Mudras, Rattle, Sage, Bells, Mantras, Prayer, Flowers & other pieces of Nature, among many other clearing objects. But the most important tool that is used would be my Clairvoyance which is tapped into the Vibration of your Space and the Reiki that I perform after the session.


In-Person Space Clearing

This service is currently only available in the City limits of Ventura and Ojai, CA. If you are located in Southern California and wish to arrange for a clearing, I will be happy to meet you. (Please indicate which service you need at the time of your order).

My In-Person Space Clearing is a very detailed process. I will perform my regular clearing routine as I do for the virtual clearing, with the exception of transporting my divination tools and setting up for the ceremony. I will clear up to 10 rooms for an in-person service. You may be present during the clearing, but are not required. I will also provide my useful tips on maintaining your space after the process.


Reasons to Clear Space

  • The Purchase of a New Home
  • A New Marriage
  • Starting a New Business Venture
  • Selling a Home or Business
  • Financial Trouble
  • A Bad Breakup or Divorce
  • A Death in the Home
  • Stuck, Heavy or Creepy Feeling in Space
  • Unable to Sleep
  • A New Baby / Adoption
  • Graduation, etc...

What My Past Clients Have To Say...

“So many things were going wrong in my life and in my work, I was at a complete loss. I was fearful of losing my home when I found out about Renee.

She came to me amidst my disaster and put together the loveliest ceremony with incense and flowers, music and bells.

The experience was purely magical, and that weekend I signed one of my biggest contracts to date. My space has felt light and full of joy since her beautiful ritual.”  - Amy L.


“A friend of mine encouraged me to get my home cleared after I experienced the loss of my sister. I moved her into my home after her cancer diagnosis so that I could take care of her, and run my business. After nearly two years fighting for her life, I lost her and I lost all of my regular work. The space held a very heavy feeling, making it difficult to move forward. Renee performed two clearings for me - one for my home and one for my business. Working virtually, I wasn't sure if it would be worth it but the shift in energy was instantaneous! It was like years of stress was lifted off of my shoulders. Renee's kindness and care to make sure I felt comfortable was a wonderful gift. I am grateful for the experience and for the continued loving vibe now lingering in this sacred space.”  - Heather R.



You deserve to live a joyful, peaceful life.  Imagine walking into that space which has kept your stomach tied in knots for so long, and finally feeling a sense of complete love and comfort.



Please choose the option most appropriate for your location:


What happens next:

After your payment has been processed, you will be directed to my Scheduling System where you can choose the best day to meet. Virtually, we will meet via Skype or Google Hangouts and converse through eMail. Locally, I will connect with you to get directions and specific details.