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FTC Disclosure:

If you see an ad on this site, there is a slight chance that I will get paid a few pennies only if the ad is clicked on and the reader happens to buy something on the other side.  If there are affiliate links in one of my articles, and you purchase anything through those links, you’d better believe I’m receiving a coin for it.  When I provide giveaways, the prizes are either donated or given to me for free. However – I may provide items that I have purchased myself for to give away.

If I review something, it is 1,000% my own opinion and I may or may not have been given the product to review.  (Since I don’t have 1,000,000 followers on Facebook, I am not considered someone whom the “Big Guys” want to play with.)   For the little guys who love and trust my opinion, {dang, they’re awesome!}  I will always disclose to my readers exactly how the item landed in my lap and truthfully how I feel about it.  Not all products, brands or websites I mention here are from freebies or affiliates. Sometimes I find a product useful and want to pass useful information on.

The bottom line: I produce this blog and my books because I love doing it. My blog isn’t free – I pay hosting sites, domain names and designers who make it look shiny and new.  These costs either need to be recovered through affiliate links, or paid out of my family’s budget. I’d prefer the first option….  So with that, please check out my ads or recommended products & see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy 😉

In addition, the editorial content of this blog, course, books and workbooks are produced, written and created by me, Renee Weatherford, (unless otherwise noted).  All photographs were taken by me unless otherwise noted.  If I have used a photo or video other than of my own, the source is always credited.  Please do not replicate any writing or photos from this website.  I am protected by copyright law. You may link back to these blog posts as long as you request permission and provide proper recognition to the source.If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to email me at